Brown Wax by Pure Earth Paint

$ 9.50

Matte Finish for Furniture, Walls & More…

Pure Earth Paint 95% of the time requires little or no sanding or priming, however, not all substrates are created equal.  Remember to carefully examine the piece you are working on and from that you will be able to determine if repairs are needed or if you in fact have to sand before painting.



1.  Shake or stir your paint well before use.

2. Pour a little into a paint tray or onto a paper plate.  A little paint goes a long way.  Our paint appears thick but once your brush hits it, it melts like butter.

3. PEP can be rolled, brushed, or sprayed (thinning with approx. 10% water)

4.  Let this coat dry depending on the humidity level it should dry in approximately 20 minutes

5. If needed, apply your second coat, let dry.

6. Topcoat or wax if desired.