Ruby Opaque Luminescence Pure Earth Paint

$ 4.00

Matte Finish for Furniture, Walls & More…

Pure Earth Paint 95% of the time requires little or no sanding or priming, however, not all substrates are created equal.  Remember to carefully examine the piece you are working on and from that you will be able to determine if repairs are needed or if you in fact have to sand before painting.

We recommend cleaning every piece of furniture before you start.  Furniture oils (especially Old English Oil and Pledge) can sometimes ruin the best paint finish.  We clean our furniture with denatured alcohol or a combination of white vinegar and water.  This will loosen the old grime and olds from the furniture while providing “tooth” for paint to adhere to.   Pledge has silicone as it’s main ingredient and it sometimes is difficult to paint over.

To use denatured alcohol, simple pour onto a clean rag and wipe over your furniture piece.  I do this 2 times followed by ½ cup white vinegar to a gallon of water to rinse off any residue left over by the denatured alcohol lifting the grease and grime out of the furniture.  Once this is done, let your furniture piece dry thoroughly.

Next you will want to do your repairs, sanding, hole filling, etc.  You can use simple wood filler or PEP rough texture paste to fill in areas where the veneer had to be removed or nail holes.

Now you’re ready to paint!


1.  Shake or stir your paint well before use.

2. Pour a little into a paint tray or onto a paper plate.  A little paint goes a long way.  Our paint appears thick but once your brush hits it, it melts like butter.

3. PEP can be rolled, brushed, or sprayed (thinning with approx. 10% water)

4.  Let this coat dry depending on the humidity level it should dry in approximately 20 minutes

5. If needed, apply your second coat, let dry.

6. Topcoat or wax if desired.